Our Team

The team running the Oceans of Hope Challenges are truly unique, they understand MS because they live with it.

They recognise how these events can transform people’s lives because their own lives have been changed.

They really understand how to help people with MS to regain their strength and confidence from the moment they join us on board.

Image of the Oceans of Hope team all wearing dark blue tee shirts and holding up a large white Oceans of Hope flag with masts of yachts in the background
Headshot of Robert against a background of the blue sea and a Mediterranean town in the sunshine

Robert Munns (CEO)

Robert is co-founder and CEO of Oceans of Hope UK. He lives in Brighton. Ever since childhood holidays on boats in Norfolk, he has spent most of his personal and professional life bobbing about in boats; as a private charter skipper. Inspired by his own journey with MS, Rob is determined to create even more opportunities for others to experience the same sense of empowerment that he experienced on board Oceans of Hope during the circumnavigation.

Nicola Kaufman (Trustee)

Nicola grew up on the Isle of Wight, before living in London and working in public sector HR for 15 years. Following medical retirement due to MS at age 38, she embarked on a complete lifestyle change – moved to the countryside, learnt to sail, and co-founded Oceans of Hope UK. She lives with her husband, 2 cats and their Romanian rescue dog Bella in West Sussex.
Headshot of Tracy Edwards smiling and wearing a red sailing jacket

Tracy Edwards (Patron)

Tracy won international fame in 1990 as the skipper of the first all-female crew to sail around the world when they raced maiden in the 1989/90 Whitbread round the world race.

Despite fierce opposition and sexism, Tracy and her team won two of the toughest legs on the course and came second overall. It was a landmark moment for the sailing world and opened the door for competitive female sailing. Tracy and her team showed everybody that despite all the people that doubted her and all the challenges that faced her; if you “just stick to it,” anything is achievable.

The Maiden Factor foundation was set up to promote and fundraise for the education of 130million girls worldwide who are currently denied this basic right. Maiden is now back on the water and sailing 90,000 miles, visiting forty destinations in 22 countries over the next three years.

Having Tracy on board, not only as a world beating sailor, but as a daughter and a mother is a huge honour is and milestone in the story of Oceans of Hope UK. Tracy has first-hand experience of dealing with Multiple Sclerosis and this makes her motivation, and our association even stronger.
Tracey Edwards celebrates with her fellow crew-mates after completing the 1989/90 Whitebread around the world race on Maiden

“My Mum battled MS for years and was always looking for ways to stay active. Sailing is perfect to help combat this awful disease. I am delighted to support Oceans of Hope UK.”

Tracy Edwards


Headshot of David on a beach wearing sunglasses with a bronze reflection of the sea in his sunglasses
David Allsop (Chair of Trustees)
Headshot of Mikkel with a red sailing jacket and dark blue life jacket and beanie hat
Mikkel Anthoniesen
Rebecca is standing on a beach with her camera next to a group of penguins with the sea and mountains in the background
Rebecca Puttock
Kate is at the helm of a yacht wearing a blue sailing jacket with the sea in the background
Kathryn Turnbull

Our Magnificent Volunteers and Captains who make everything possible!

Ingrid is wearing a red sailing jacket and smiling at the helm of a yacht
Ingrid Robertson
Headshot of Thea wearing a black and white shirt and cardigan
Thea Veldman
Headshot of Judith smiling and wearing a red Oceans of Hope hoodie
Judith Jans
Headshot of Trish smiling wearing a red Oceans of Hope hoodie, sunglasses and a dark cap
Trish Smith
Minse De Bos Kuil
Lynwen is wearing a dark blue sailing jacket, sunglasses and hat at the helm of a yacht with two other sailors in the background
Lynwen Davison
Diane wears a red Oceans of Hope hoodie and is smiling under the canopy of a yacht
Diane Miles
Volunteer Captain Bertram
Volunteer Captain Mikkel
Volunteer Captain Bill
Volunteer Captain Colin
Digital Marketing Volunteer Julia Warsap

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