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Celebrating our Magnificent Sailors

We love to share the achievements and experiences of our growing community of sailors. If you are a recent participant, a seasoned sailor or one of our wonderful volunteer captains and crew please send us a picture and few words to share your experience and inspire many more magnificent sailors!



Oceans of hope flag flying

Our Challenge Crew

Liz and Marina sitting at the helm of a yacht smiling and laughing
Elizabeth Stephens

“I cannot remember laughing this hard for so many days in my life. It was pure joy and every moment of the trip was amazing. My world has opened up and I have made friends for life.”

Garry Whatton at the helm of a yacht
Garry Watton

“Sailing has given me a new lease of life and a newer version of me, even though I’ve had this diagnosis. I’ve had some great times and met amazing people. With these experiences comes confidence and a strength that no matter what, I won’t be held back. We’re a family that helps one another and shows people that we can do anything…slightly differently, but we can.”

Roliens smiling in a red sailing and life jacket on board a yacht
Roliens Hilbrands

“Oceans of Hope sailing is my life saver. My first challenge in Croatia was a big turning point in my mental well being. And after an epic challenge from Portsmouth to Belfast I think I can conquer the world.”

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